Cloud Hosting

We have our own cloud servers which have a Google PageSpeed module installed. This means all content delivered by our servers has been optimised with common performance best practices implemented keeping the performance of your website and speed in line with Googles own page speed guidelines. This applies for both desktop and mobile and is becoming extremely important when Google ranks your website. Just hosting your website with NORF will improve its SEO

We also use CDN (content delivery networks) to keep loading and delivery of third party content and files fast and this is global, so no matter where you are in the world, your NORF hosted website, will load at the same fast speed.

Cloud Email

We have our own cloud email servers meaning you’ll get that same¬†superfast performance and unlimited access you do with your website, with your emails.

Cloud Storage

Part of your email package with NORF comes Nextcloud which allows you to access, share and protect your files, calendars, contacts, communication and more at home and in your organisation.

Nextcloud puts your data at your fingertips, under your control. Store your documents, calendar, contacts and photos on a server in your data centre, at home or at one of our providers.

Access everything with the tools you are already using, regardless of the device or platform you are on. Pictures, videos, documents, contacts, communications – they are all available right where you need them whether they are coming from your local storage or

remote cloud services.

To learn more, just get in touch.